Sunday, January 26, 2014

Guideline of Insertion Instructions Tampons into the Vagina

What is tampon?
A cotton stick of flexible substance, Girls use it at the time of their periods which inserted into the vagina to suck up menstrual blood secretions. It can be removed easily by pulling. The word "tampon" comes from the medieval French word tampion, means a piece of cloth to prevent a hole. Now a days, many kind of tampon best branded are available in market.
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How to insert tampons in vagina?
Majority of us try to use tampons at the time of period. It is important to know how to insert a tampon the correct method. It might appear tricky at initially, but after trying some times, place in tampons can become thing. Here is the way of insertion tampon into the vagina at the time of period.

      Steps ways and guideline using tampon

  • Be ease that a tampon will never get fixed, lost, hurt or misplaced inside the vagina. Take away the wrapper and confirm the cord is hanging outside the inner tube.
  • Sit down on the pan of the bathroom. Extend your knees farther apart than you usually do one after one.
  • Remove the wrapper and be sure the cord is hanging outside the inner tube and pull the inner tube out until it stops at the bottom of the outer tube
  • Hold the tampon applicator properly at the middle of it with your thumb and middle finger on the grooved finger grip and place the tip of the applicator into the vaginal mouth and gently push the top towards lower part until you insert it as far as the rim of the outer tube.
  • Drive the inner tube inside the outer tube until both rings get together.
  • Now just gently remove the applicator and  done
  • The tampon should be sitting comfortably with the removal cord hanging outside body
  • To remove  tampon just pull the cord a gentle
  • Do not keep the tampon more then than 8 hours.
  • Once removed, the tampon can be wrapped and placed in the bin.
  • Never  flush the external wrapper or the applicator tube
  • Last read the guideline which has given with tampons samples free.

Can virgins girls use this tampons?
It better to avoid tampons for the virgin girls it may cause a girl's hymen to stretch or tear, so care about the virginity. They should natural pads.

Online Video on Tampons insertion